Essential Training for Illustrator CC 2015

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Illustrator is an unparalleled tool for digital artists, and Adobe takes it to new heights with Creative Cloud. This course helps put Illustrator's power and flexibility at your disposal, offering a tip-to-tail overview of the program, from installation to exporting final artwork. We explain how to work with layers and artboards—the dual core of Illustrator's nondestructive workflow—and start drawing and transforming basic objects. And also shows how to create fills and strokes, add color, work with live effects, and integrate typography into your designs. At the end of the course, We'll show you how to print and export artwork, so you can share it with the world. Start here for everything you need to know to design, draw, and illustrate with Illustrator. Contents of Essential Training for Illustrator CC 2015: 1. Getting Started 2. Navigating Your Documents 3. Working with Artboards 4. Working with Layers 5. Drawing Basic Shapes 6. Transforming Objects 7. Working with Fills and Strokes 8. Working with Color 9. Using the Appearance 10. Creating Complex Shapes 11. Working with the Pen Tool 12. Working with Type 13. Using Raster Graphics in Illustrator 14. Printing and Exporting Artwork