Essential Training for Piano – Part One

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Learn how to play piano. Music professor and acclaimed accompanist has created a comprehensive video library of piano lessons and clear, over-the-shoulder shots of performances of classic tunes. Watch at your own pace while you learn fundamentals like reading sheet music, finger placement, and posture, and practice playing melody and rhythm with the right and left hands. The piano exercises in this beginner-level course cover classics like "Greensleeves" and "Scarborough Fair" at different tempos, so you can slowly increase your pace as you get more comfortable at the keyboard. The enthusiasm for piano is contagious and lessons emphasize learning to play popular songs using a step-by-step method that any level of player can follow. Contents of Essential Training for Piano - Part One: 1. Getting Stared 2. Reading Music 3. Greensleeves 4. Popular Abridgments