EU VAT / Tax Calculator – The european tax and percentage calculator

OS X 10.9
> Travelling to/within Europe? > Want to know the exact VAT for each European Country? > Want to calculate your refunds of value added tax (Sales Taxes)? > Need a well arranged and very flexible VAT-Calculator? > EU VAT CALCULATOR (Sales Tax) helps you in every situation, it even has a nice looking and good working percentage calculator included! > Look at the screenshots, they will show you how easy and fast EU VAT CALCULATOR (Sales Tax) works. > Even working for American VAT-rates! (Just insert the exact value in the textfield and let EU VAT CALCULATOR do the rest! > With this amazing tool you can find out, what a product costs with taxes included! ________________ "Great tool, works really good" "What a nice app. I like the design, too" "It works perfect for me. Thank you"