Euro Coin Collection

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√ Enhanced for the MacBook and iMac with Retina display Euro Coin Collection is the application for Euro coins fans. View all the coins at a glance in an interactive album and easily manage your Own, Want and Swap lists. Since the introduction of the Euro in 2002, many people started collecting coins because each country has a different design for the national side. With now 23 countries using the Euro as currency, the last being Lithuania (2015), collecting all the coins became a real challenge! The app has been designed both for amateur collectors and numismatic professionals. Amateurs will have a new and easy way to discover and collect coins, even by just checking change. Professionals will take care of the finest details, from grading to mint marks and special variants, such for example Vatican's "Sede Vacante" series issued in 2005 and in 2013. Features: • iCloud synchronization of collection data • Interactive album to view all Euro coins at a glance • Special mini-albums for german and greek mintmarks • Detailed images of 460 different coin designs • Easily manage your Own, Swap and Want lists • Year, grade, mint mark and edge type for each coin • Maps and info about 23 Euro area countries • Localized in 7 languages: english, german, french, italian, dutch, portuguese, spanish • No Internet connection is required to use the app √ Do you have an iPhone? Check out the iPhone/iPod-Touch version on the App Store! Check out the Facebook page for the latest news: