Ever Shooter

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most addictive and must have 3D shooter game available for free The boy is having a bad dream and thinks that he is locked up somewhere in a room looks like a class room but the it self is a mess. in this dream he thinks that he is being attacked by an endless ghosts bats and slimes so you have to take over his dream kill in his behalf to allow him to survive the nightmare. to success in that you will have to kill as much enemies as you can as well as get gold to upgrade fire rate,damage and health all must level up . --do not allow them to touch you-- there is a locked dream in the game you will need to get gold from killing enemies to take over the other nightmare and help the boy. this game includes all features needed in a must have shooter game: -high resolution texture. -upgradable weapon fire rate. -upgradable player's health. -upgradable weapon damage. -2 fantastic nightmares so far ,more are coming. -4 different smart enemies they will follow you every where. -missions are coming in the next updates; -and more to discover by your self.