EverFont – Font Preview Tool for Developers and Designers

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A font sampling tool for developers and designers, or anyone who just want to check out all the beautiful fonts included in Mac. Just type what you want to see and you will get it in all the different fonts, truly WYSIWYG. You can tap and edit the text further and then copy into Mail or other software supporting the fonts (the yellow notes app built-in doesn't support all fonts, that is just a text editor). When you want to get the full listing by PDF, just click on the PDF button, then you can email the full set of sample to as a PDF attachment. We built it for our own developers and designers. Hope you will like it too. ⇾ Follow us on Twitter. http://twitter.com/ondemandworld ‼ Like us on Facebook. http://facebook.com/ondemandworld ⁇ About us on LinkedIn. http://www.linkedin.com/company/ondemandworld