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Find out how searchable your PDFs and other files are lightning quick. Examine-IT Pro totals all file types in and downstream of a selected folder or volume. A “click-click” validation process then analyzes thousands of documents down to the page level to identify if searchable content is present. No longer do you need to open each file individually to know if it contains searchable content. Examine-IT Pro will quickly evaluate thousands of files on your computer or external storage media. You don’t even need to unzip to look inside your zip files—Examine-IT Pro will do it for you. An added feature allows you to search for a file using multiple functions. Here’s what Examine-IT Pro will tell you. Lists the different file types and how many of each type Identifies searchable versus non-searchable PDF files Counts how many searchable PDF pages you have Estimates searchable page count in common file types Automatically looks inside zip files encountered or selected Examine-IT Pro also identifies files that it cannot open and provides an error message. A Display button allows common file types to be opened in their native viewer, if present, and a Report button prints a summary to a PDF file.