Explain 3D How things work

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Explain3D success: ***TOP 25 GEW - Global start up competition finalist 2013 (http://www.cnbc.com/id/101168347/page/6)*** Simulations: - Car workshop - 4 stroke engine, Car clutch, Manual transmission, Disc brakes, Ignition system - Discover the Universe - ISS space station, Space shuttle, Solar system - Electricity around us - Hydroelectric dam, Wind turbine, Nuclear power plant - Transport simulations - Railroad switch, Submarine, Jet engine - Our homes - Lock and key, Elevator, Toilet, Desk Lamp - Tools - Jackhammer, Hand pump Explain3D is system of interactive simulations, that can help you to explain, how things work. Simulations are built in interactive 3D environment, which brings fun to education and helps understand the stuff. Features: - Interactive 3D environment - simple and intuitive interface - description of main parts of simulations / objects - nice 3D models and animations - great to make education more engaging and interesting