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Export your Aperture libraries to Lightroom or whatever your heart desires There are plenty of guides on the internet detailing how to get your images out of Aperture and into another photo manager such as Adobe Lightroom. It's a multistep and complicated process that is easy to get wrong. Exporter for Aperture consolidates the process into just a few clicks and provides features not possible with any manual process. Exporter for Aperture is also a great way to back up your Aperture Libraries in a format that is not reliant on the future use of Aperture. Exporting will always generate files for your originals without adjustments. Versions with Aperture adjustments baked-in can be generated optionally. Migration -------- Exporter for Aperture was designed specifically for Aperture users who have decided to move to Lightroom. With only a few options and a click of a button, Exporter for Aperture re-generates your Aperture Library as a set of folders and subfolders containing your images. Moving to a photo management tool other than Adobe's Lighroom? Don't worry, we probably have you covered too. Features ------- Export your Aperture library to a set of folders Retain meticulously crafted project hierarchies. Keep all your metadata including ratings and comments. Convert identified Aperture Faces to keywords. Original/Master images saved with XMP sidecar files for ultimate compatibility. Aperture adjusted images saved as TIFF or JPEG depending on image rating. Adjustments are baked-in the image. Exports images contained in your albums and smart albums. Converts Aperture flags and colour labels to keywords. Your Aperture libraries are unaltered and unaffected. Exporter for Aperture REQUIRES Aperture 3.0 OR GREATER.