Extract PDF Images

OS X 10.11
Extract all images from one or multiple PDF files in a click.The application extracts high quality images from PDF file and saves them as separate images on computer. The application also supports password protected PDF files. Just provide the PDF password and the application will extract all images from the Password protected PDF files as well. The application gives unique logical names to the image files by assigning them an image number so that you can easily relate the images back to the document. The images are saved in their original resolution and their true colors. Extracting images could be very useful . For example : If there are some PDF documents , you could extract the images from them and use the images in your Powerpoint presentation or even prepare your own documentations. The images could be used on website.If you are making a video, you could add the extracted images into the videos as well. Many times there are some professional reports in PDF format and you might want to use a graphic or an embedded chart from there in a presentation. Or many times it might happen that you get a scanned PDF document and you just need a vital image from that scanned document. Sometimes you are asked to paste a digital signature on the document.In this case also, you will have to extract the Image and paste your signature image there.The application will be very useful at such moments. The extracted images are very smaller in size as compared to a PDF document and hence these could be easily shared on email or social media. The application could Batch Process even hundreds of PDF files at a time. All extracted images are saved in PNG format