F3 – Live Code 3D Form

OS X 10.10
F3, [Form From Function], is a playful, professional and powerful 3D design app that enables you to live code 3D form, rapidly iterate on its design, and export for 3D printing, rendering, animation or whatever your heart desires. Most design programs represent form as polygons, vertices and/or bounded surfaces. This is where F3 differs! It uses signed distance functions (SDFs) to build forms. SDFs are a magical way of thinking about space, time and form. They allow you to create more interesting geometries and perform more complex modification operations. Check out shadertoy.com to see what people are making and doing with them. Think of F3 as a translator that converts your scene of SDFs into a 3D file format (OBJ, STL) that other apps like Octane (high-fidelity rendering), Maya (animation) and Preform (3D Printing) can use. It builds upon what is amazing about the industry's most experimental 3D design applications. Like Processing, F3 offers a highly responsive live coding environment. It also features a GPU accelerated real-time rendering engine and a functional and algorithmic approach to form making like OpenSCAD, opening up new design possibilities. With F3, your imagination is the limit!