F5 Transcription Free

OS X 10.7
F5 Transcription FREE - NO Voice Recognition! Save a lot of time manually typing audio files. NOTE: The FREE version will play up to 10 minutes into a audiofile. Please use the Standard version for a longer play duration and the PRO Version for more features like footpedal support, memos, waveform and many more.   Variable speed and automatic rewind Hardly anyone is able to type as quickly as people speak. So, just slow down the playback; the pitch won’t change. Speed it up when you proofread and finish faster. In addition, our program automatically rewinds a little every time you pause. This means you’ll hear the last two or three words again when you continue, which makes for a smoother workflow.  Automatic timestamps Timestamps are inserted automatically during typing – no extra effort required. When you click on a timestamp, the corresponding passage is played back instantly. This is not only helpful for the transcription in F5, but also for the subsequent analysis in f4analyse, MAXQDA, Atlas.ti, Nvivo or other QDA-Software.   Backups Mistakes happen to all of us. So you’ll never lose any of your valuable work again, f5transkript saves regular backups. This way, you’ll be able to quickly restore your latest progress.   Search & Replace Make your transcripts anonymous with only a few clicks. Just search for a speaker’s name and replace it with an abbreviation. Alternatively, use abbreviations in your transcript and have them replaced with the proper terms later. Text modules Create a set of frequently used text modules, like recurring phrases, transcription symbols or speaker names.