FAA Parachute Rigger Knowledge Test Prep

OS X 10.10
Ace your FAA Parachute Rigger (Senior Parachute Rigger and/or Master Parachute Rigger) written (knowledge) test. Spend less time studying and more time doing what you love. GroundSchool is the key to help you pass FAA knowledge (written) tests. Study actual, up-to-date FAA questions and then ACE your FAA Parachute Rigger written test the easy way with GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test Preparation software by Dauntless Aviation, the trusted leader in FAA written test preparation. Features: * Actual FAA Questions Current and Valid for Right Now: What you see in the software is highly likely to be exactly what you see on the actual test. Use the program's built-in self-update feature to get the latest question set and illustrated explanations via the Internet. * FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE: so that whenever you're ready to take the test, the software will be there to help you study (and then review later on). Unlike with books, which are getting out of date from the moment they are printed, update capability is built right into the software. So, when you receive this product, you will be able to update it with only a few clicks now and in the future and be sure that you are studying from the latest available questions. * All Charts and Figures Included - Everything that you need to reference for your test is included. * Flexible Study and Simulated Test Modes: GroundSchool features multiple study and practice modes so that you can customize it to works best for you. It even features modes that emulate the software at the major FAA testing centers so that there will be no surprises there! * Fits the Way You Want to Study: Regardless of whether you just want to memorize the questions quickly or you really want to learn the material deeply, GroundSchool can be configured to suit and is remarkably easy to use. * Compatible with all FAA "ground school" classroom-based courses: If you're enrolled in a formal "ground school" at your club or college, this software will help you get to the head of the class. This product will prepare you for any or all of the following test(s): Master Parachute Rigger Senior Parachute Rigger Please double check to make sure you are getting the right product: This is FAA Written (Knowledge) Test preparation software to help you prepare for aviation-related multiple-choice knowledge (computer-based written) tests given by the USA Federal Aviation Administration. This software will help you study for the FAA written (knowledge) tests listed elsewhere on this screen.