Face Makeover Pro

OS X 10.6
- Make glamorous photos with smoother skin and dreamy & softener effects If you've ever wondered why the models in magazines always have such perfect skin, here's your answer: Face Makeover Pro is remarkably effective at transforming your photos into something that could quite easily go into a copy of Vogue. Now you can do it easily on your computer! Face Makeover Pro includes softener effects that glamor photographers use to smooth skin imperfections. Adding softener effects to a photo gives it a soft, dreamy haze that leaves skin looking as good as a magazine cover model. It's perfect for close-up photos and portraits - any photo where you want to see the face, but not the blemishes. - Supported image formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG - Output size up to 4096x4096 pixels. - Save, print and email. - Crop, zoom and pan. Select any region for rendering. Examine your artwork easily. - Use built-in ImageEdit panel to adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness etc. Also included are several special-effect filters that make your pictures cartoonish, poster-like, or impressionistic. Face Makeover Pro is intended for avid graphic designers and art lovers. In fact, this professional software is the summation of many popular mobile apps we proudly produced: Face Makeover (iPhone/iPod) Face Makeover HD (iPad) Finding Monet (iPhone/iPod) Finding Monet HD (iPad) Blueprint Me (iPhone/iPod) Blueprint Me HD (iPad) Ink Me (iPhone/iPod) Ink Me HD (iPad) Now you can own them all at once on your desktop at a low price. Best deal ever!