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The Facer Creator allows users to create & distribute their own working watch faces for smartwatches including Apple Watch, Android Wear & Samsung Tizen (Gear S2 & S3) devices. Everything you need to go from a concept to a working watch face on your wrist! Utilize design templates, premium assets & drag & drop functionality to create working watchfaces in mere minutes. For the more experienced designers, explore our advanced tools to create incredibly intricate or complex animated designs. Creating a watch face has never been so easy and fun. faces has never been so easy or so fun. Check out some of the community’s designs at www.facer.io Creator Features include: - Import and edit any image you’d like - Included free watch hands and weather icon collection - Large custom font collections - Numerous Time and Date layouts - Interactive and Animated Design capabilities - Weather Conditions with Fahrenheit and Celsius support - Battery Level, Step Counter, Wifi Indicator, and Dynamic Backgrounds - Use gestures on the trackpad or touch bar to manipulate the "time machine scrubber" within the creator. - Allows copying images from the editor into the clipboard - Allows pasting images from clipboard PUBLISH YOUR WATCH FACE DESIGNS WITH FACER! Want to create your own watch face designs & publish them through Facer, reaching thousands of smartwatch users? If so, we’re looking for talented artists to join our growing community of Facer-certified designers. Find out more by contacting us at facerdesigners@little-labs.com FACER COMMUNITY Join the discussion of watch face designers and artists at http://community.facer.io/ FEEDBACK & TROUBLESHOOTING If you’re having any issues using our app & watch faces or are dissatisfied in any way, please give us a chance to fix it for you before expressing dissatisfaction through ratings. -You can send feedback directly to facer-support@little-labs.com -If you are enjoying our watch faces, we always appreciate a positive review FACER MOBILE APP Facer is the #1 platform for smartwatch customization with almost a million downloads to date. Download for your mobile device today at www.facer.io Facer offers everything you need to customize & personalize your smartwatch, including thousands of free & premium watch faces from leading artists and brands. Don’t be default, start customizing your style today! THOUSANDS OF WATCH FACES The largest single destination for free and premium faces, there is something for everyone in our vast collection. Explore the newest & most popular watch faces or use the new search feature to discover the perfect watch face for your mood. TOP BRANDS Find premium faces from the world’s leading brands like Tetris, Star Trek, Garfield, Ghostbusters, American Dad & more. There are new brands being added all the time so keep an eye out for new watch faces. ORIGINAL DESIGNS Facer curates collections of original designs from talented watch face designers to bring you the most beautiful and dynamic faces available for Samsung Gear. CONNECT -Facer Creator & Community: www.facer.io -Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/107456884368395361653 -Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetFacer -Instagram: https://instagram.com/getfacer/