Fantasy Quest 2

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King Feodor needs your help! A dark shadow has been cast over the fairy kingdom, and now it’s up to you to save the realm and its people. The Holy River is polluted and all animals and fairies who drink from its waters become severely ill. If you don’t manage to cleanse nature, it could mean the end of your fairy friends! Are you ready to face this challenge? Luckily, you’re not on your own in this. Four magical fairies will help you in this Match 3 adventure. Your fairy friends Leaf, Purple, July, and Flame are always on your side with helpful hints and funny quips – and then that handsome druid shows up. Enjoy close to 100 enchanting levels that will put your wits to the test! Discover accursed locations, collect useful power-ups and switch between 3 game modes. As you ponder over intriguing puzzles, you immerse yourself in a fantastic realm full of magic. Fairy-themed Match 3 game Fantasy world hand-drawn by one of Germany’s best illustrators Close to 100 levels Choose between 3 different game modes Discover 12 accursed locations Beautiful particle and sound effects Use your 4 handy power-ups wisely Enchanting backgrounds straight from the fairy realm Collector's Edition 80 new levels 3 new chapters Free the king’s maid Save the land of the druid Heal the fairies’ tree of life 2 new power-ups New Match 3 challenges