Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season (Full)

OS X 10.7
Harvest a bumper crop of thrills as you rebuild your farm in the wake of a hurricane! While caring for your animals and gathering the products they make, you'll learn a slew of amazing recipes and begin producing delicious dishes to be sold in town. Along the way, you'll foil the plans of the pesky ferrets who want to steal your goods! When things get tough, you can use your elixirs to achieve your goals quicker. Or you can take a break from the rigors of running a farm and score big on the roulette table! Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for amusing stickers to collect. The cow, the bear, and the pig are ready to pose for your amusement! With dozens of exciting levels, vivid art and animation, and bonus features galore, Farm Frenzy: Hurricane Season is going to blow you away! GAME FEATURES: •Access to full version right from the start! • Bright and colorful visuals • Simple point-and-click gameplay • Awards for kicking Farm Frenzy butt! • Hilarious stickers to collect! • Learn-as-you-play tutorial FIND US in FACEBOOK: AlawarEntertainment