Farm it! Seasons

OS X 10.7
All farms around the world are in a big trouble, all of their chicks have disappeared! The world leaders are panicking, they are trying to come up with a way to solve this problem. ✭ABOUT THE GAME✭ The last hope of the chicken population lies with the Young Rooster, a real hero. So this Young Rooster puts on a bow-tie and rushes to help maintain balance in the world. Help it visit four countries located in different corners of the world, go through tough ordeals, outwit the Polecat, annoying Skunk and other animals, dodge the angry Dog and the Old Rooster, cheer up all hens and make as many chickens as possible! ✭FEATURES✭ ❒ Fun and exciting game play ❒ Charming characters ❒ Four countries where actions take place ❒ Six different enemies ❒ Bonuses to help you with the mission ❒ A bunch of fun cartoons and upbeat tune ❒ Four different mission types -------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO GAMEPLAY GAME SITE: FOLLOW US LIKE US ---------------------------------------------------------------------------