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Fast Audio Extractor can extract directly without conversion only the audio from video files. Most audio extraction application, will have to convert the format each time when extracting audio from video files. Fast Audio Extractor is eliminating the conversion time and prevents sound degradation by extracting directly without conversion. Readable video format, ASF,AVI,AVS,DivX,FLV,ISO,MKV,MOV,MP4,MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-TS,SWF... etc. It supports video formats of many. Extractable audio format, AAC(m4a),AC3,AMR,CAF,MP2,MP3,MP4,Ogg,PCM(wav,aif),WMA... etc. Supports many audio formats. The extract with drag and drop multiple files and folders. Supports multiple audio streams. Attempts to extract lossless compression format(ALAC or FLAC) if it is not possible to extract as an audio file directly. Note, If you want to play the audio files that have been extracted, you may audio codec is required by the environment. There is a case that can not be extracted by the codec version and status of the file. Can not specify the output format because it is not a audio conversion application. DRM(Digital Rights Management) file is not supported.