Fat Lady - Guitar Distortion

OS X 10.11
This is NOT a digital reproduction of vintage gear or old crappy distortion algorithm. Fat Lady is completely NEW approach to the guitar sound that I have made. It delivers good sustain, rich harmonics, right amount of compression and at the same time keeps the dynamics as much as possible. Fat Lady delivers complete guitar sound so no amp or speaker is needed on the recording chain for good results. The app works as Audio Unit effect plug-in AUV3! The effect works well and can be used with other instruments as well but it is designed and intended as a guitar effect. Controls: - Gain - Level - Fatness (more low and mid range harmonics) - Reverb The technology that I have made behind this distortion effect has a lot capabilities but I have designed this particular sound according my personal taste and using my collection of guitars. So any one who has good sound idea can write me and I may create another distortion effect in future.