Favorites: The File Manager to Rate and Discover

OS X 10.7
★★★ SALE: JUST $3 ★★★ ★★★ Now you can rate your files ★★★ Your favorite files stored at one place. With "Favorites: The file manager to rate and discover" this is much easier than it sounds. As soon as you drop files on the app, Favorites will manage them. From now on it is possible to preview and open your files with one mouse click. Additionally files can be rated and grouped. And all that happens without loosing the great features of Finder as Favorites does not move or copy the files. You can continue working with your files as you did before - even if you move or rename a file, Favorites will recognize the change. And the best: Favorites is password protected. Features: ✓ Password protected ✓ Manages files, folders and disks ✓ Great boost in productivity, only a single window to see your favorite and most used files ✓ Preview and open files ✓ Rate your files ✓ 1-click access ✓ Lightning fast, your system is not slown down ✓ Great system integration: files stay at their previous place and changes to the files are directly recognized by the app ✓ Integrates flawlessly to Finder ✓ Intuitive user interface with drag and drop support