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FCBBooster is a software tool conceived to increase the performance of the Behringer FCB 1010 MIDI foot controller. It works as an interface between the pedalboard and whatever MIDI device, hardware or software, you want to drive with it, augmenting the controller's capabilities and simplifying its use at once. No, it's not an editor for the FCB 1010. Features: • ability to send a virtually unlimited number of MIDI messages to a virtually unlimited number of MIDI devices simultaneously from each footswitch or expression pedal • ability to send MIDI messages that the FCB 1010 is not able to manage, including system exclusive messages, both fixed and variable • simple but powerful programming capabilities, implemented through a WYSIWYG editor, allow you to define complex functions that would be impossible to handle for a FCB 1010 • gives a visual feedback of the functions assigned to footswitches and expression pedals • footswitches can act as buttons, switches or multiple state switches • messages can be individually programmed to be sent when a footswitch is either pressed or released • much easier and faster to program than the actual FCB 1010 • entire setups can be saved as documents, allowing backups and fast switching between completely different configurations