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Do you have a secret files(photos,movies,document…) When save them on your computer,whether to worry about what others see or use them.When sent it by email,did you worried these files being cracked by hackers.Is concerned about the security file when using cloud storage. Yes, the Internet is full of crisis, it is necessary to be worried about. Now you can do not worry, File Camouflage Free can help you get rid of this concern. What File Camouflage Free can do: 1 Files encryption 2 Make files disguised as a pictures or Pdf 3 Recover encrypted or camouflage files You can use the File Camouflage Free Encrypted and disguised as a picture,then you can rest assured that is stored on the computer, send messages, or upload to the cloud storage。 Supported types: files,folders,apps,photos,movies,documents… Easy to use: With its easy-to-use user interface, you can easily camouflaged any file or folder.