File Sanity

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This high performance utility will do more than preserve your sanity, it will maintain a bit for bit integrity checking process which will not only save you time, but also save you the headache of organizing these checksums. File Sanity allows you to do the very best and fastest checksumming possible on your system. It will completely saturate your systems' available resources, squeezing the last drop of everything your machine can throw at it ... while at the same time not blocking the operating system from functioning like normal. It uses a fluid multi concurrency queuing system to utilize the fastest performance. This tool is built to run with hundreds of thousands of files and not even flinch. The performance coupled with the management of every single file with a database backend delivers the versatility and speed that simply doesn't exist in any other application of its kind. If you dealing with large numbers of files, make sure literally every bit is intact at all possible steps in your workflow.