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FileBeats is the fastest & realtime duplicates finder for Mac. Browse, search, preview, and delete duplicate files even while the scan is running! As a bonus, you can rename a file or multiple files on your Mac in the easiest way and the way you would like! A big problem while searching for duplicates in our Mac is that we need to wait for the scan to complete. We can go through the results and take action only after that. But FileBeats provides live results as and when the scan is happening. You can browse, search, preview and delete duplicates in realtime even while the scan in running! Finding duplicate files and bulk renaming of files are two features that a lot of people use. But you still have to download multiple apps for that. With FileBeats, you get a simple but powerful feature to rename your files too. ** Feature Highlights of the duplicate scan ** 1. Live results while scanning duplicates 2. Find duplicates by folders, photos, videos, music, files and documents 3. Find duplicates by file size 4. Faster and optimised cleaning process since duplicates are listed in the order of the space they use 5. See detailed preview of duplicates before taking action. 6. Cross check the results of the scan. The file size of each duplicate is shown upto the level of bytes 7. Also get the amount of space taken by the duplicates of each file type 8. Search for specific duplicates within the scan results 9. Our external drives, backup drives etc have a lot of duplicate content since they are our favourite dumping places. FileBeats duplicate scan shows live results while scanning the contents of these drives too. ** Feature Highlights for renaming files ** 1. Drag and drop files or navigate to add files 2. Rename based on suffix and prefix or change full name 3. You can also manually override the auto generated name of individual files so that you can organise it better 4. One click rename of all listed files 5. Preview files before renaming With FileBeats, our users like photographers, developers, designers, musicians and other content makers can not only eliminate duplicate content from their Mac, but also organise them with the rename feature all in one app. ------------------------- You have loved QuickShift which was created to move and organise your files and folders better. Hope that you will love FileBeats too. And of course, we will add more features as per your feedback. So please mail our support team to let us know the features you want to see in FileBeats. Thank you. -------------------------