FileName Extreme

OS X 10.7.3
FileName Extreme allows you to edit the names of a folder of files. FileName Extreme is much faster than renaming files manually and can access data hidden inside the files (called metadata). Using the Preview function allows you to see what your files would look like if they were renamed, without having to actually rename them. You can also view the metadata fields or export them (e.g. to PDF or CSV). Overall Steps 1. Choose the folder containing the files you want to rename. 2. Choose the Renaming Type — you can apply multiple changes at once. 3. Choose the file types you want to affect — it will ignore all non-matching files and folders. 4. Get a Preview of the potential new file names. 5. If all is OK, then Rename the files — or Move/Copy them. What else can it do? • export your iTunes music artwork to JPEG (or PNG) • export you iTunes song lyrics to text files • import all your files and their metadata into a spreadsheet e.g. Artist, Lens or Camera Make and Model, songs with lyrics, etc for easy comparison • get a list of the time since your files were last modified • remove accents (diacritical characters) from names • convert CamelCase to normal case • convert filenames ready for another operating system • add a unique sequential number to every file for easy identification Rename Types Include: Add Date Add File Hash Add File Size Add Owner Add Permissions Add Sequential Number Audio MetaData Case: iNVERT cASE Case: lowercase Case: RaNdOM cAsE Case: Title Case Case: Sentence case Case: UPPERCASE Compatible OS Diacritical Characters to non-diacritical EXIF MetaData Find and Replace Parent folders Random Text RegEx Remove ASCII Remove Excess Spaces Remove Hyphens Remove Letters Remove non-ASCII Remove non-Letters Remove non-Numbers Remove Numbers Remove Punctuation Remove Spaces Remove Underscores Replace Spaces with Underscores Replace Spaces with Hyphens Replace Underscores with Spaces Replace Hyphens with Spaces Replace Underscores with Hyphens Replace Hyphens with Underscores Space on change in Case Truncate