Fill and Cross. Pirate Riddles 2 Free

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Gone are the days when Misty Albion sought after courageous gentlemen of fortune. Now Britain needs the help of pirates. Your aim is to help the country take control of the vast expanses of the ocean, brave sea dog! But first, you'll need to decipher some old maps... Explore 6 new different islands and get many unusual pirate trophies! Solve 120 new unique puzzles from great captains and win even more treasure and riches from the Queen herself! More than 10 hours of gameplay to jolly pirate melodies! Go ahead! Hoist the Jolly Roger! Fair winds to ye, sea dog! - A Griddlers game - 120 unique levels and 6 locations - More than 10 hours of gameplay with enthralling pirate music - Expanded level grid sizes and more exciting levels - Gameplay built on logic alone with no need for guessing - New and improved controls - Special tasks and more than 15 fun trophies - Jolly pirate game style