Film Craft 109 – The Editor

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You've shot miles and miles of footage... Now what? Learn essential film and video editing techniques in this information-packed, example-filled, Film Craft course by award-winning filmmaker Michael Wohl. The production is over. The actors are gone. The tech crew is off on another shoot. Now it’s just up to you (with a pile of hard drives) to figure out how to put it all together. That’s the job of the editor. The editor, in many ways, is the ultimate storyteller in the filmmaking process. And in this course, Michael Wohl, in his informative and entertaining way, reveals exactly what that process is. He explains the power of cinematic language and shows you how to powerfully and effectively communicate via images. You learn that editing is much more than just cutting together footage. Anybody can do that! That’s why Michael spends so much time on the art of storytelling. So just how do you tell a good story? First, you learn how to breakdown a story into its core components. Michael explains the importance of asking the 7 magic questions: who, with whom, what, where, when, why and how. Then, he gives you the tools and rules you can rely upon to direct you throughout the editing process. And then, with all those important guidelines in hand, you dive into the actual techniques of editing. You learn the art of ins and outs, cutting on action, following eyeliner, splitting edits, cutting for audio and much more! So learn the art of editing from the best instructor in the business: Michael Wohl! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction (01:41) 2. Communicating Through Images (02:04) 3. The Components of Story (03:11) 4. Who? (01:27) 5. With Whom? (01:42) 6. What? (01:36) 7. Where? (02:23) 8. When? (02:02) 9. Why? (02:01) 10. How? (02:22) 11. Names and Meaning (04:24) 12. Expanding Your Vocabulary (04:58) 13. Verbs & Punctuation (04:38) 14. Grammar Overview (01:07) 15. Every Shot Must Provide New Info (01:55) 16. Screen Direction (03:14) 17. Matching Angles (02:22) 18. Get In and Out Quickly (02:54) 19. Cut on Action (02:57) 20. Follow the Eyeline (01:38) 21. Split Your Edits (02:22) 22. Cut For Audio First (03:57) 23. Summary & Conclusion (02:06)