Final Cut Library Manager

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 26.41
Final Cut Library Manager instantly displays all of the Final Cut Pro X 10.1 libraries and associated media that it finds on your Spotlight-indexed drives. You can also add other sources: disks, Xsan volumes or folders, including those not indexed by spotlight. Events & Projects You can now look into your library without having to open Final Cut Pro. Events and projects are displayed, along with lots of useful information. Caches, Media Folders and External Files When a library references external media Final Cut Library Manager will automatically create a group to clearly present the distribution of these media files across your system. Create templates from your libraries! Optimize your workflow! Prepare a standard library in Final Cut Pro with your own keywords, files, smart collections… Then use Final Cut Library Manager to duplicate it as a new library template. Thus, you can create new libraries from them in just one click! Play with your libraries Create them empty, or from a template… Sort them by name, size, date... Open them with a double click, even alone if required - no more need to close them one-by-one in Final Cut Pro! Keep track of your libraries... Find out which external disks you need to reconnect to have access to your libraries Quickly find missing libraries so that you can track them down before it’s too late! ...and even your media If you chose to keep your media and caches outside of your library assets then you can now see where they’re stored and which disk to reconnect to get them online back. Reclaim gigabytes of disk space Sort your libraries, caches and media folders by potential space gain after cleaning Choose to delete Render files, Proxies, Optimized Media files and Optical Flow data for one or more items. Rest assured - the Optimized Media files for which the corresponding Original Media file can not be found will be conserved Regain huge amounts of disk space safely! Note-taking with ease Quickly read and modify the same comments that are also accessible using the Finder The comments are even cached so that they can be read when the library is offline. And of course, search everything, everywhere! Search library names, event names, project names, media file names and their personalized names in Final Cut Pro, and even in all the notes, comments and media keywords. This information is cached so that even the off-line libraries can be searched!