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Final SRT is for those people who want to import SRT subtitles into Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Pro X. Final SRT uses xml file to work with Final Cut Pro on Mac. It's simple to use but really powerful. It supports almost every kind of text encoded SRT file. Just drop your SRT file and XML file to Final SRT, then export a xml with all subtitles to Final Cut Pro. SRT basic formatting of Bold, Italic, Underline or Font Colour will be ignored automatically. After SRT subtitles been imported to Final Cut Pro, you can edit them within Final Cut Pro. System Requirements: --Final Cut Pro 7 with Mac OS 10.7 or above --Final Cut Pro X should be 10.1 or above with Mac OS 10.9 or above --Final cut Pro X 10.0.9 or above. --fcpxml version 1.0~1.5 supported. --If you want to edit or create SRT files, please download SRT Edit Pro on Mac App Store. --If your SRT is not standard, or you have other format of subtitles like scc, stl, etc, you can download SRT Converter on Mac App Store to convert the format or make the non-standard SRT to standard. --If you want to import SRT subtitles to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014, you can download PremiereSRT on Mac App Store. --If you want to embed SRT subtitles to mov, mp4, m4v or 3gp videos, please download Subtitle Writer. --If you want to make chapters of mov, mp4, m4v or 3gp videos, please download Chapter Writer