Finance Terminal

OS X 10.9
Finance terminal has more than 100 Currency & Forex pairs which you can follow real-time last price, ask price, bid price , daily change ,daily lowest and daily highest values. - You can select 6 of your favorite pairs to display on Finance Terminal's top strip to follow them live easily. - You can set a base currency to get exchange rates for this currency to other 25 currencies and follow exchange rate change real-time. - You can draw graphs for all currency pairs. - You can convert between any 2 currency with the real-time latest rate. Finance terminal basically lets you follow the currency and forex market on your mac with real-time professional data with editable slots to follow only the pairs you are interested in. Some of the included forex pairs are: EUR/USD USD/JPY GBP/USD CAD/USD XAU/USD ( Gold ) XAG/USD ( Silver ) and 100 more different pairs. BTC/USD ( Bitcoin )