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Have you ever try to search a document in your computer but you forget the file name, and the only thing you remember is that’s document contain text of your ID number. The worst is that computer is thousand miles away and u need that document now. Using this app solve your problem, type your ID number, select "include file content" and press OK, later you will get list of related document, download it, and send to e-mail, view it or ask other apps to edit like pages, etc. ------- Server application for client iPhone or iPad to search file on Mac as easy as using Spotlight on Mac computer. File can be copied to iPhone/iPad. Windows 7 version as server available to download on (only work with client version 1.1) Please look for iPhone/iPad application "FindMyFile" or "FindMyFileFree" on itunes store. Please install Dropbox (free) in your Mac computer, and do standard installation ("Dropbox" directory name is used in user directory). Run this program as a server. Following are the features of this program together with client iPhone program FindMyFile, or FindMyFileFree * Search file in Mac computer using your iPhone or Ipad with keyword of filename or the content of the file (this server using Mac spotlight engine to search). * Download files from your mac to iphone or ipad. * If privacy required, you can limit the access of directory. * No VPN required, or troublesome network settings (you dont need to know what the ip address is). No cable required. If your’s iPhone, iPad connected to Internet and your Mac connected to Internet also, you can share your files between mac and iPhone/iPad. * Include file viewer for some of the common document type such as Microsoft Word, Excel, iWorks, images files such as png jpe, etc. * E-Mail or transfer the file to other app such as pages, numbers or other app that support document transfer. * OSX spotlight technology is used for the search engine. Please look for detail for installation or manual in