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Finely Tuned lets you enjoy your music more, by taking away some of the small, everyday frustrations that come with playing music. • Multiple players supported The app works with iTunes™, Rdio™, Spotify™ or Deezer™. Using some other esoteric music player? Good. E-mail us about it and we'll add support for it. • Glanceable metadata You can quickly see metadata about the currently playing song in the status bar, if you want. Or even in the Dock. No more wondering what album that track was from. Or its name. Or the dominant colors in its album art. There are a lot of metadata tags to choose from, especially on iTunes (over 20). • Keep iTunes's volume synchronized with the System volume THAT song you know by heart just came up and you want to turn the volume up. Sadly, you find out that the system volume is already maxed out. By the time you open iTunes and change its volume, you've already lost 3-4 groovy beats. AAAAA BAM! Problem gone. Changing the system volume will automatically change iTunes's as well. And viceversa. • Global keyboard shortcuts Custom global keyboard shortcuts can be set to control iTunes or system wide functions. You can use any combination of keys or even the F1-F12 keys. So now you can use F keys in applications without losing the system functionality like setting the brightness or system volume. Imagine that! Less interaction with the fn key is 100.1% guaranteed to lead to a happier pinkie. For example, my hotkeys are : - F1-F2 to control the system brightness - F3-F5 are reserved for the apps I use daily, like Xcode and its "Step Over" function - F7-F9 to control iTunes - F10-F12 to control the overall system volume • Headphones iTunes will be automatically paused when you unplug your headphones. And then resumes playing when you plug them back in. • Sing-along Do you find yourself saying: Ooh, I love this song. We..humm.. dance.. humm.. AAArgh! I'm never good at remembering lyrics.. Well.. No. More. You can now quickly display the lyrics of the currently playing song, as long as the lyrics are part of the song. If they aren't, you can easily add them without having to open iTunes. All this, without interrupting your main and *very* important activity. • Mini Controller in the Menu Bar For when you can't be bothered to use the keyboard to pause/skip the current song, you can use the MiniController and do those by using the mouse. • Control Airplay Devices (iTunes only) You can quickly control the Airplay device(s) iTunes is playing to. Useful for that party you want to throw next week. • Rate song Seeing as you love that song so much, you might as well rate it. Do it from the menubar, via a global shortcut or directly from iTunes. Your choice. TL;DR It's an iTunes™, Spotify™ or Rdio™ controller for your Mac.