FirstPass Image Downloader and Browser

OS X 10.10
A fast and powerful image downloader and editor. Designed by a photographer for photographers. - Digital imaging workflow accelerator - Automatic image download from multiple sources to multiple destinations - Fast and intuitive interface to sort, rate and view images - Allows image download over the network - Thumbnail view, full screen view, view at 100%, rate, filter, rename and delete images - View images in a slideshow - Supports all RAW file formats - Can be configured to use date from EXIF for folder creation - Browser images can be sorted by name, date and rating - Compare sharpness of two or more similar images "Re-naming files has never been easier and I love the large screen previews, accurate color space and ease of use. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and the value at $9.99 is extraordinary." - Chris Dodds, Nature Photographer, "This program performs the same function as BreezeSystems Downloader Pro has for years on the Windows platform - much needed. It’s quick, efficient and works." - E. J. Pieker, Nature Photographer, Sr. Technical Editor "This program does what it says it does without any baggage. It’s quick, reliable and I couldn’t live without it." - Douglas Smith, Program Manager, Lincoln Arts Council Introductory video is available on YouTube (