Fishbeam Basic Clips

OS X 10.6.6
The Fishbeam Clips library contains dozends of royality-free shapes, photo clips, backgrounds and stock photos. Unleash your creativity and design your web sites, e-mails, greeting cards, letters and other printings with Fishbeam Clips. • Over 500 beautiful shapes, perfectly masked photo clips, gorgeous backgrounds and styles for the Goldfish* visitor counter. • Fishbeam Clips are delivered with a handy application that displays all available clips. From there you can easily export the clips to other applications with drag and drop. • Find clips with the integrated keyword live search. • All clips are royalty-free for non commercial and commercial projects and provided as .png, .jpg or .gif files. • The clips are perfect for designing your web sites, e-mails, greeting cards, letters and other printings. • The clips library fits perfectly with the iWork suite, iLife, Office, Mail, Photoshop or any other Mac app. • Fishbeam Clips are an excellent value for the money. They're much cheaper than images from a conventional stock photo agency. *Goldfish Website Creator from Fishbeam Software