Fist of Brave

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3D little character fighting action game. From the movie media style title screen, you can enjoy it as though you were watching action movies. Even if you are not good at action games you can fight with simple control. You can retry as soon as you can lose as you can retry soon. [Story] The town was occupied by the global criminal organization black ship group! "Yuw" of the hero chases the way of the sister "Yui" and fights against the enemy waiting in the way. You can safely meet with his sister? This is a short violence story. [How to play] In the game, the story scene and the action scene progress alternately in chapter format. You can play with keyboard and game pad. (XBOX one controller support. Driver application is required.) You will defeat the enemy by using punch and kick and defense to move the character. HP life is displayed above the character's head, It gets down when it gets less when attacked. [Recommend Point] Because it uses realistic motion capture data, The movement of the character is very smooth. [Sound] DOVA-SYNDROME Koukaon Labo