FK Financial Calculator

OS X 10.11
FK Financial Calculator is a simple, powerful and comprehensive financial calculator for business professionals and college students. It combines traditional financial calculator with modern, easy to use calculators. In addition, this app can be used as a quick reference for financial problems since each calculator has a description, formulas and examples. Key Features: - Calculators with Descriptions, Formulae and Examples. - Financial Calculator with Scientific Notation Calculators: - Time Value of Money (Future Value, Present Value, Interest Rate, Period) - Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return - Return on Investment (Gain or Loss, Roi, Annualized Roi) - Bond Valuation (Bond Price, Maculay Duration, Modified Duration, Convexity) - Capital Asset Pricing Model (Capm) - Weighted Average Cost of Capital (Wacc) - Stock Valuation (Constant Growth, Nonconstant Growth) - Expected Return and Standard Deviation - Holding Period Return (Hpr) - Black Scholes Stock Option (BSM, Call-Put for Price, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Rho) - Tip Financial Calculator: - Solving Time Value of Money Equations (TVM with FV, PV, PMT, I/Y, N) - Cash Flow Analysis (CF with NPV, IRR) - Evaluating Math Expressions (Trig, Natural Logarithm, etc.) - Storage and Recall of Numerical Values - Step-by-step instructions - Calculator History Contact: - Visit for more information. - Visit for support and feedback. - Let us know what you think on Twitter @financekit.