FLAC To AAC – Convert FLAC Into Apple Lossless

OS X 10.6.6
FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It's a free, open source standard for compressing audio files. It's popular because it's lossless: Storing your tunes as FLAC files preserves their quality better than more "lossy" standards. While many media players handle FLAC files, plenty of portable devices don't. If you store digital music as FLAC files but your portable player doesn't play them, you'll need to convert them to AAC first. For that job, you'll need FLAC Converter Pro. It's totally simple to use. If you have any question, contact me: betterappsoftware@gmail.com Main Features: 1.Lossless Conversion FLAC Converter Pro converts your music into Apple Lossless, preserving every bit of sound quality in the original track. 2.Metadata Preservation FLAC Converter Pro preserves all your track information, including album art. 3.Multi-threaded FLAC Converter Pro uses all the cores of your processor to import FLAC as efficiently as possible.