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Can't play Flash video?Don't worry,Flash Converter Unlimited can help to convert flash video into other format that QuickTime support.Flash Converter Unlimited is a useful tool for conversion of Flash FLV format or F4V format into one of the many output video or audio formats including MOV,MPEG,MP4,AVI,ASF,RM,AU,MP3,AIFF,FLAC.The FLV format is also known as a flash video format that extension is ".flv".Today,flash flv format is widely popular and it established itself as standard for publishing embedded video streams on internet.Many of the most popular web sites with video content use FLV as a chosen format(youtube,google video,etc)Features: 1.support output formats including MOV,MPEG,MP4,AVI,ASF,RM,AU,MP3,AIFF,FLAC 2.Extract audio from Flash video to mp3,au,aiff and flac format. 3.Preview the flash video (.flv or .swf) 4.Convert flash video by specified video size,frame rate and quality. 5.Cancel the current conversion if consuming time is too long 6.Fast conversion - save your time 7.Excellent digital quality