Flix for Kids

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Take control of your children's Netflix viewing! Flix for Kids is a Netflix viewer that lets kids watch Netflix titles seamlessly right from your Mac desktop. No web browser required! - Safer than a web browser because kids can't click links or browse external sites. - No adult content. Flix for Kids only has access to genres related to children. - Quickly find and watch any children's movie or TV series available on Netflix in your country. - Set a countdown timer to automatically stop playback. - Add parent approved titles to your favorites list. - Block titles from showing up in searches. - Simple parental gates restrict access. Note: you require an Internet connection and Netflix membership to use this application. Before purchasing Flix for Kids make sure Netflix is available in your country by visiting Netflix.com. Flix for Kids is a third party application. It is not associated with, endorsed by or affiliated with Netflix, Inc.