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OS X 10.11
Flix Mate is the best Netflix app for Mac. We can use iOS and Android App to watch movies in Netflix, but how can I watch Netflix on my Mac? How to install Netflix on a MacBook Pro? Flix Mate is the Netflix APP for Mac. A lot of people asked how to download Netflix movies and show on mac. After years of users asking for the functionality, Netflix has finally introduced offline viewing for iOS and Android users, but not for Mac. Flix Mate lets you access Netflix at super-fast speed. You can watch movies and TV shows online. It’s fast, easy and awesome! Features: 1.Watch movies for 3 minutes. 2.Search for your favorite movies and TV shows conveniently. 3.Set window always floating on top 4.Unlimited time for watching movies (Upgrade to Pro) A Netflix membership is required. Please visit Netflix.com to verify Netflix is available in your country. Legal Note: Flix Mate is a third party app. We are not associated with, endorsed by or affiliated with Netflix, Inc.