Fluence for Confluence

OS X 10.12
Fluence is the quickest way to search your Confluence wiki. Setup a keyboard shortcut and at the press of your shortcut, search like a pro - it's fast, efficient and super native. By default, Fluence will show the most recently updated pages on your wiki alongside your favourites so you can stay informed and up to date. Other features include: - Now you can see a preview of the page content within Fluence! No more need to open a web browser for each result - Windows + tabs! Combined with Preview, windows and tabs enable you to branch out and keep the results of multiple searches on screen at once - Enhanced search results, that now show more information such as the time content was last modified - Support for Confluence's "Save for later" functionality including ability to view favourites from the launch screen - Order your search results! For the first time, results can be ordered on fields such as title, created date or last modified date to show you more relevant results first - More keyboard shortcuts to empower you to search faster - Improved setup experience - when connecting Fluence with your Confluence account, we'll now provide more information within the Preferences window as to whether your user credentials are valid or not - Search pagination so you can see more than 25 results per search. The number of results per page is also configurable, so you can get up to 200 results per page (though performance will be slower) - New support for CQL search. Start your search with cql: and then enter your CQL query. - Touch bar support Fluence is in no way affiliated with Atlassian. Atlassian® and Confluence® are trademarks of Atlassian.