Fluid Blocks

Intel 64 / OS X
$ 49.99
Fluid Blocks is new approach to website design, Fluid Blocks is a web editor very strong for designing liquid sites. The appearance is fully conducted by reusables styles. The layout flows naturally and can be customized item by item. The application generates all html and css coding so you don't need any programming knowledge. Fluid Block organizes your resources automatically making further changes and maintenance very easy and fast. Styles: always start with a fresh blank page without any constraints. You are assisted with a generous bank a styles. And create your own as you go, it's worth it: they are all available to every single page of every site you create. Multimedia: drag audio files to create a playlist. Add video and Youtube to your page. Fluid Blocks takes care of everything. Thumbnails: show a grid of thumbnails with a global image action. Random: display a random slide each time a page loads. Slider: full-featured slider with transitions effects, animated captions, carousel mode, navigators and more. Drop-down Menus: create a 3-level drop-down menu in no time. Forms: create a Contact or Upload to FTP File form without coding. Fully customizable tables. Image Mapping: drag links into an image to implement an image map. Fluid: you never drag items into the page but they all flow naturally. And they can be individually tweaked by changing any layout attributes. Preview: you get a preview instantly refreshed after any change. And your whole website is always up to date. Two-way editing: when you look at your page, you see what is in it and how it is formatted. Next turn over to your resources and discover where they are being used. Find out what pages and elements are using an image, a link, a style or another page and jump to its location with a click of the mouse. Automatic maintenance: Fluid Blocks automatically keeps a single resource for files and links no matter how many times you inserted them in a site. So a change there updates the whole site. Additionally it monitors every file you added to your sites for changes and update them as soon as they have been modified. Build your content as you go: add a link to a page that does not exist and it will be automatically created. To create a new style, just enter a name in the style field then edit its attributes from right where you are. Easy access to resources: all resources used by an element are available to edit right along with the element itself so there is no need to go back and forth. Snippets: get up to speed with the Snippets Collection. Pick a snippet to insert a series of elements at the current location. Then type in some text or change a glyph. You just assembled a few elements that you think might be handy elsewhere? Add them to the snippets collection with a click of the mouse. Publish to an FTP Server or local folder Selectors: pick existing resources such as images, styles and snippets from a visual selector that shows you what you'll get. Warnings: build your site and get a list of issues that prevent elements to be displayed properly or perform their task. Code: see the HTML and CSS code live. And a lot more... Note: Fluid Blocks uses some of the most recent features available in current Web Browsers. It is NOT a recommended tool for designing websites targeting an audience that do not have access to the most recent version of their Web Browser.