OS X 10.11
Create a new Depth of Field and give a new Focus to all your pictures. It comes as an app but can be used easily within Apple Photos... FocusForPhotos is used to focus the viewer on the main subject of the photo. You adjust the aperture and background blur amount so that all attention is moved toward the main component of the picture. This technique can be achieved when the picture is taken, but usually require expensive lenses. FocusForPhotos lets you do it easily and inexpensively on any digital image. * Features tilt focus, planar focus and a virtual lens.. for all kind of different effect and controls * Set your focus area, select a lens, adjust size, adjust blur amount * Add different color adjustments, saturation, brightness, contrast * Add and adjust a vignetting effect * No need for an expensive hardware to achieve beautiful blends. Work on latest Mac OS with all kind of different format. A very advanced application that benefits from years of experience we have writing software in this field. You like this app we have it also as a Photoshop plug-in.