Form Printer Pro

OS X 10.6
Easy to use application for filling and printing out all types of forms. Handwriting is so 20th Century. Gain the edge the next time you apply for a job or a loan. Submit a beautifully filled out, easy to read form that will put your application on top of the pile. Employment applications, loan applications, any type of form that you download or scan in. Sample forms included. Fill out your information in the encrypted data vault just once, and with a click it will always be available to add to your form. Without your password the data is completely encrypted, even when the file is opened with QuickLook. Add your digital signature so that you don't have to waste ink and kill trees just to sign a form. Save time and money, produce superior results, and stand out from the crowd. Money Saving Note: Preview now does a great job of filling out some types of forms, and even adding your signature. If that is all you need, don't buy this app, but if you need the full power of a program that remembers your data and can fill out any type of form, Form Printer Pro is for You!