Four in a Row 2018

OS X 10.6.6
Do you want to bring some childhood memories back? Then discover the famous classic game Connect Four in this brand new app! The famous four in a row board game is back in this modern redesigned version! The aim of the game is to connect 4 pieces of the same colour vertically, horizontally or diagonally before your opponent does so. Connect Four, also know as Four in a row, Four in a line, Fourplay or Find Four is a very easy game to play : · The board has 6 rows and 7 columns, meaning that each player has 21 pieces to play a game (yellow and red) · Each player takes alternating turns and drops one of their pieces in an empty spot on the grid · Once someone gets 4 pieces in a row in the horizontal/vertical/diagonal direction he/she wins · If the grid is full and no players successfully put four pieces in a row, it’s a tie! You can even play against your friends or against the phone! Do you like strategy board games like 4 in a row? Then download this great app right now, and become the Connect Four Master !