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*****INTRO SPECIAL 75% OFF**** FractalTrek is an app that lets you explore 13 curated fractal types: Mandelbrot, Inverse Mandelbrot, Burning Ship, Bird Of Prey, Quadric Mandelbrot, Quintic Mandelbrot, Tricorn, Cubic Tricorn, Perpendicular Mandelbrot, Druid, Mandy Tree, Cubic Mandelbrot, and Rudy Cubic Cosine. It uses a futuristic TNG GUI and lets you create amazingly beautiful, shallow-depth, quasi-3D fractals using the SAM (Stripe Average Method) gradient coloring. You can also use 'Smooth CPM' and 'Basic' coloring, enhanced with 'Density Controls' and 'Palette Roll' to color the fractals. FractalTrek includes an awesome, innovative and extremely powerful Gradient Designer so that you can create your own custom gradients with an unlimited number of colors, which are used in all coloring methods. Custom gradients can be stored in the Gradient Library for quick access, and fractals can be stored in the Fractal Library, complete with preview images so that you can conveniently find them visually later on. Batches of fractal presets can be stored to disk for archiving. Workflow is extremely optimized in this app. Smart autorendering allows you to quickly make successive parameter changes to your fractal without having to wait for each change to render. In other words, if you have autorendering enabled, then every time you make a change to the fractal it will automatically abort the previous rendering and start rendering a new fractal with the new value. FractalTrek lets you export fractal images up to 4096x4096 pixels in size, and they are always rendered using 9x (3x3) supersampled antialiasing for stunning images. FractalTrek is multi-threaded, so you can export multiple fractals simultaneously, and still continue to explore new preview fractals at the same time. Burning Ship and Bird Of Prey: The Burning Ship and Bird Of Prey fractals are less famous than the Mandelbrot fractal, but are equally fractacular. What the Mandelbrot fractal does with spiral and curlicue patterns, the Burning Ship family of fractals does with lines, arcs, boxes, triangles, hearts, and other geometric shapes. Fantastic ship masts and sails, butterflies, insectoids, crescent moons, and a plethora of variations lurk in the depths, awaiting your discovery. For FWIW, after spending years exploring the Mandelbrot fractal, the Burning Ship fractals have recently become my favorite fractal family. Perpendicular Mandelbrot: The Perpendicular Mandelbrot fractal renders a 2D planar slice of the second order 3D Mandelbulb that is directly perpendicular to the Mandelbrot fractal. (Mandelbulb fractals are true 3D fractals and were recently discovered in 2009 by Daniel White and Paul Nylander.) Mandy Tree: The Mandy Tree is a fractal formula that I invented myself. It works by alternating the even and odd iterations such that for even iterations the standard Mandelbrot equation is used and for odd iterations the Burning Ship formula is calculated. The second screenshot below shows the classic Tree fractal. ============================ FractalTrek Fractal Formulas: Mandelbrot: z^2 + c Inverse Mandelbrot: 1/(z^2 + c) Cubic Mandelbrot: z^3 + c Quadric Mandelbrot: z^4 + c Quintic Mandelbrot: z^5 + c Tricorn: (conjugate(z))^2 + c Cubic Tricorn: (conjugate(z))^3 + c ============================ Be sure and read the comprehensive user guide that is included with the app. Have fun exploring FractalSpace. Live Long and Prosper. \// Gilorien