French Words 1

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Try Learn French Words 1, a great way to learn basic French words. The words taught in this app are at the toddler reading level, but work as a great tool for teaching both children and adults alike. Using real-life photographs and beautiful French narration, this app will help you to build a simple word vocabulary in French on 12 popular learning topics. The categories include the following basic French topics: animals, numbers, colors, body parts, shapes, household, fruits, meal time, weather, ocean, and clothing. At each stage of the game, you will be presented with four flashcard images and a word. You're encouraged to tap on the correct answer. You also have the option of displaying two flashcard images instead of four to make things easier. Try to get all your answers correct and score a perfect 3 stars in every word category. Through repetitive playing, you'll feel the joy of learning your first French language words!