Fruity Paths

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Welcome to Fruity Paths, a unique and fun new game! You play as Pip, who must fly his spaceship to different levels to collect fruit that is moving along paths. However, enemies are also moving along the paths, and will try to destroy Pip's spaceship! Playing Fruity Paths is easy and simple: just click on Pip's spaceship and then move him freely in any direction and at any speed with the mouse, the goal is to collect a required amount of fruits before time runs out, also you can collect different items to help Pip defend against the enemies or gain rewards and score bonuses. Features: - Unique gameplay. - Great graphics. - Great Music and SFX. - 50 Action Levels. - Lots of weapons. - Lots of items to collect. - 3 Difficulty settings. - Play Fullscreen or windowed. - Save game and resume later. More info at