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Turn your Mac into a moving map for your FSX flight simulator, with FSXFollowHD! Now, you can easily follow your flight’s route. You love your flight simulator. It’s fun to pilot your own aircraft thousands of miles, over mountains and oceans. The view is pretty spectacular too. The only thing that could make your flight simulation experience better would be if you could watch your craft’s progress on a second screen. This is the app you need, to watch your aircraft wing its way across a moving map. Follow the flight line, see where you are, at all times. Another thing you’re going to love about FSXFollowHD is that it saves valuable screen real-estate on your PC desktop. Use your Mac to display your aircraft’s current position, instead of your PC. Guess that’s just one more example of the freedom you get with this application. If you want another, FSXFollowHD connects to the flight simulator directly through our free PC client. You don't need FSX yourself if you want to track other pilots. All you need is your installed copy of Flight Simulator X, the free PC download and internet access. That’s it. Those things plus FSXFollowHD and you can embrace your inner pilot to the fullest and from another room. Look at some of the exciting features you get in FSXFollowHD: * Easy-to-use interface * Connects to FSX * PC Client provided free (see www.fsxfollow.com) * Map supports zoom * Easy setup, no entering of ip address required * No local network needed * Free updates and additional features as they become available * Personalized and friendly customer support via email Come and grab your slice of freedom. Download FSXFollow HD now and watch your Mac turn into a moving map for your simulated flight route. Have a great flight!